Refactored design More widely used HIGH-END UV HYBRID PRINTER

Variable ink drop & gray level printing to achieve fine image quality

1. Adopt the mesh belt suction printing platform, through the industrial-grade high-power fan, the platform is printed with materials,
the transmission is stable, and the adsorption force is strong.
2.Through the powerful suction function, it avoids pulling, wrinkling, adhesion, etc. when the material is printed, and the whole
material is very flat.

Epson original print head printing speed

Speed/Printer Head




105m2 /h

72m2 /h


80m2 /h

48m2 /h

High quality

55m2 /h

38m2 /h

Intelligent printing and high-quality mechanical design

High-quality mechanical structure, the machine is more stable

1.Using imported THK noiselss guide rail
2.High precision aluminum alloy integrated beam;
3.Double servo motor control;
4. High quality mechanical components ensure the
smooth operation, high speed and accuracy of the
machine in the printing process.

It can print on roll material, also can print on sheet

I3200-U1 is used for transparent glass
stickers, transparent PVC film, 3P cloth, etc.
I3200-A1/E1 is used for wall paper, leather etc.

UV light intensity adjustment Flexible handling of various printing materials

The UV lamps on both sides of the nozzle can easily
adjust the intensity of the UV lamps on the left and
right sides through the cold water tank, which can
better handle heat-sensitive materials and selfadhesive materials and control the odor of cured

Intelligent receiving and discharging system

Intelligent receiving and discharging
system, time-saving, labor-saving and
high-efficiency printing

Product Specifications

*Specification do as present one, if there is a change without notice.



Medla type

Transparent glass sticker, transparent PVC film, 3P cloth, wall cloth, leather etc.

Printhead type

Epson I3200-U1

Heating system

High-power automatic retractable system

Printhead number


External drying

LED light guide plate

Printhead height


Computer requirement

CPU:I5 memory:more than 8G

Print head cleaning

Fully automatic cleaning Strong, medium, weak

Operating system

Win7 Win10

Printing width


Print interface


Print function


RIP software

MainTop6.0UV 、PhotoPrint19

Print model

Color+white+color/white+color/color+white/white+color/color1/color2 (LED UV)

Power parameters

AC-220V,50Hz/60Hz 10A

Ink supply system

Dalian ink supply + ink shortage alarm + ink bottle heating






Standby time<32dB,worktime<= 75dB

Cartridge capacity


Machine size(LxWxH)

4035 mm * 1560 mm * 1550 mm

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