DELUXEJET SERIES Four pcs print heads High precision printer

Variable ink drop & gray level printing to achieve fine image quality

  • Eject 3 kinds of variable ink droplets of different sizes, and the size of the ink droplets are staggered, and the small ink droplets are used as color compensation to enhance the details of the picture;
  • Grayscale printing technology can print out more perfect tones, exquisite and smooth gradient effects, tough text lines and complex details without reducing the printing speed.
  • Epson original print head printing speed

    Speed/Printer Head



    92m2 /h


    72m2 /h

    High quality

    48m2 /h

    Intelligent printing and high-quality mechanical design

    Imported guide rail

    Using the THK imported guide rail, it has
    the advantages of high-speed silence,
    high precision and high straightness

    Automatic paper detection device

    The printing platform device has an
    automatic paper detection device,
    which automatically detects whether
    the printing medium is finished
    printing, and is more intelligent;

    Intelligent external heating device

    Synchronous external heating device
    can realize the simultaneous use of
    hot air and cold air to improve work

    Anti-collision device

    The two sides of the trolley are equipped
    with anti-collision devices, and printing
    stops when encountering obstacles, which
    effectively protects the print head and
    prolongs the service life;

    Machining platform

    The platform is machined and formed
    at one time, with higher flatness, easier
    ink extraction, convenient cleaning of
    the nozzles, and smoother printing.
    Ensure smoother printing;

    Product Specifications

    *Specification do as present one, if there is a change without notice.



    Heating system

    Front, middle and back three-stage embedded synchronous
    heating control system

    Printhead type


    External drying

    Infrared heating external drying fan 

    Printhead number

    4 pcs

    Operating language


    Printhead height


    Operating system

    Win10/Win 7


    Fully automatic cleaning

    Working environment

    Temperature range:18℃~25 ℃; Humidity range: 35%~65% Rh

    Print head spray

    Anti-blocking flash spray and automatic moisturizing

    Print interface


    Ink type

    Eco-solvent ink/water-based ink/water-based sublimation ink

    RIP software


    Ink color


    Power parameters


    Cartridge capacity



    Min: 64W,Max: 5500W

    Ink supply

    Negative pressure continuous ink supply



    Print effective width

    1820 mm

    Machine size(LxWxH)

    3106mm x 924mm x 1620mm(LxWxH)

    Type of medium

    Photopaper/ canvas/banner/car sticker/heat transfer paper etc.

    Net weight( Kg)

    278 Kg

    Loadable coil weight

    80 kg(Max)

    Packing size(LxWxH)

    3194mm x 1140mm x 815mm(LxWxH)

    Paper take up device


    Total weight(Kg)

    318 Kg

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