Strong Battery Life Larger Width 8 Heads Digital Printer

Variable ink drop & gray level printing to achieve fine image quality
  • High-strength frame-side large steel plate links, the stability of the whole machine is higher, it can realize ten thousand meters of paper shaft, reduce the frequency of media replacement, and greatly save time and manpower;
  • Increased tension regulator-better adjust the machine supply according to the media, greatly reducing the uneven tension caused by the remaining media weight, the shape of the paper core, whether the automatic take-up reel is used, etc.;
  • Retracting and unwinding system—effectively solve the step deviation and speed change caused by the diameter and size of the rewinding and unwinding of different materials, and ensure that the materials are collected neatly;
  • Dryer-drying at the front and bottom at the same time, improving drying efficiency and saving a lot of time; adjustable speed motor-compared with traditional motors, the speed is increased by 70%, and paper feeding is more stable;
  • Epson original print head printing speed

    Epson I3200-A1 Original printhead Four-color high-resolution Eight-head printing speed

    1 Pass


    2 Pass


    Intelligent printing and high-quality mechanical design

    Air trough honeycomb platform

    The feeding is stable, the paper is not easy to drum, and the output quality is improved, and the platform calibration and adjustment are more convenient.

    Double Guide

    Using the THK imported guide rail, it has the advantages of high-speed silence, high precision and high straightness.

    High-power double dryer

    The machine adopts a high-power double dryer to shorten the inking process of the medium, ensure that the paper is retracted and unloaded simultaneously, and better match the printing speed.

    5000ML Big tank

    Reduce frequent inking procedures, save labor; Each ink cartridge has an alarm, which can remind adding ink in case ink

    Product Specifications

    *Specification do as present one, if there is a change without notice.



    Printhead type


    Take up device

    Inflatable shaft automatic retracting system

    Printhead number


    Heating system

    Front, middle and back three-stage embedded constant
    temperature synchronous heating control system

    Printhead height


    External drying

    Dual infrared heating external drying fan


    Fully automatic cleaning

    Operating language


    Print head spray

    Anti-blocking flash spray and automatic moisturizing

    Operating system

    Win10/Win 7

    Ink type

    Sublimation ink

    Working environment

    Temperature range:18 ℃~25 ℃; Humidity range: 35%~65%Rh

    Ink color

    Four-color (C/M/Y/K)

    Print interface


    Cartridge capacity


    RIP software


    Ink supply

    Negative pressure continuous ink supply

    Power parameters


    Print effective width

    26000 mm


    Standby: 64W,Max: 5500W

    Type of medium

    Thermal transfer paper



    Loadable coil weight

    Kilometer paper weight (optional)

    Machine size

    4430mm x 1235mm x 1660mm(LxWxH)

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