High-speed Magnetic Levitation UV Flatbed Printer

Upgrade configuration-linear motor (magnetic levitation)
Linear motor has fast response and high precision. The noise is low, and the operation is more stable. The speed of the trolley increases, Greatly improve work efficiency

Intelligent printing and high-quality mechanical design

Imported silent rail

Ink car left and right anti-collision device

Platform partition adsorption, more energy-saving

Ink circuit independent constant temperature heating control system

Automatic nozzle height measuring device

Monochrome pressure ink cleaning

Product Specifications

*Specification do as present one, if there is a change without notice.



Media thickness

121 mm

Print wide



Sheets (glass, acrylic, aluminum-plastic panels, wood panels, PVC panels, foam
panels, 3C products, organic panels, ceramics, foam panels, metal panels, plastics,
fabrics, leather, ceramic tiles, etc.)



Number of nozzle


Attached platform

Vacuum adsorption media fixed platform

Output accuracy

635*600dpi /635*900dpi/635*1200dpi

RIP software


Single line printing speed

Sketch mode

23.8m2 /h

File format


Production mode

21m2 /h


High-speed USB3.0

Quality mode

16.8m2 /h

Operating system

Win7/10 64

Ink type

Use LED environmentally friendly, colorful, outdoor durable
UV ink (excluding VOC)

Input voltage

200-240VAC, unidirectional,50/60HZ,32A

Color configuration

CMYK + Lc + Lm + W + V Support double white and varnish printing



Ink bottle configuration

3500ml per color of main ink cartridge

Machine size &weight

4500 mm * 2200 mm * 1500 mm & (L*W*H) 1500kg

Ink supply method

Negative pressure continuous ink supply mode

Packing size &weight

4600 mm * 2300 mm * 1700 mm(L*W*H)&1600kg

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