6090 UV Flatbed Printer

Recommended nozzle configuration plan

Epson original print head printing speed

Print mode

F1080 -A1 printing speed

Sketch mode

11m2 /h

Production mode

5.5m2 /h

Quality mode

3m2 /h

Intelligent printing and high-quality mechanical design

X axis double linear guide

The X-axis adopts the double
linear guide rail transmission of
Shangyin, which ensures that
the carriage printing is more

Y-axis drive system Make sure the machine is printing stably

The Y-axis adopts a dual linear
guide rail + screw double drive
control system to ensure the
stability of the trolley in the Y-axis
motion state and the accuracy of
the Y-axis motion trajectory;

Lei Sai Electric

Using big brand brushless
motor, printingprocess is more

Static eliminator

A professional static eliminator
is installed on the upper part of
the UV lamp on the left side of
the ink cart, which can
effectively avoid the interference
of static electricity on the print
head and improve the printing
effect and printing accuracy of
the machine.

Intelligent low ink alarm system

The intelligent low-ink alarm system
can realize that when the ink in the
ink cartridge is lower than the
defined value, there will be a light
flashing and an alarm sound,
prompting the user to add ink.

4 colors + white + varnish ink cartridge

There are 8 ink cartridges as
standard, ready for later
expansion configuration to meet
the different needs of customers!

Product Specifications

*Specification do as present one, if there is a change without notice.



Nozzle type

Epson F1080

Sensor device

Electromagnet automatic height measurement induction

Number of nozzles

1-3 pcs

Fixture configuration

Cylinder/pen fixture (optional)

UV lamp configuration

Water-cooled three lights

Operating software

6.0UV Maintop/PhotoPrint

Ink type

UV ink

Printing platform

Adsorption media fixed platform

Ink color

CMYK + W(white cokor ) + V(Varnish)

Print interface

Network port

Cartridge capacity

1500ml per color

Operating system


Ink supply method

Positive pressure continuous ink supply

Image file format


Ink curing method

LED Curing

Machine power

1200 W

Print wide

600x900 mm

Environmental requirements

Operating temperature:20-35℃; Working humidity: 35-70%Rh

Media thickness

0-150 mm

Power Specifications

AC 220V±10%,50/60 ±1HZ

Type of medium

Glass, aluminum composite panel, acrylic board, ceramic tile, mobile phone case,
paper case, wine bottle, composite wood,Rubber, PVC, identification signs, etc.

Machine size

Machine N.W

1653 mm * 1696 mm * 852mm(L*W*H)

300 kg

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